Big News!


So so sorry I’ve slacked on the blogging! (Missed 3 posts last week…oops!) I’ve been a bit distracted recently but I promise I’ll make it up to you lovelies.

Hubby got a job! A quality job that will allow me to stay at home with the tiny spawns! This means there is a move in our future but, believe it or not, I’m actually very excited for the change. That’s saying something given my aversion to change.

They say that the biggest stressors on a marriage are a new job, a new baby and a move. Since we’re insane, we get to tackle all three in 90 days. I think if I stay organized (with my trusty Personal Malden and the A5 purple Original that’s on the way and slotted for my home management notebook) we may be able to pull this craziness off.

Wish us luck! Here we go!!


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