The Filofax Bug


…it bit me. The bug has bitten so badly in fact that I’ve actually had to institute a rule in our home that I am not allowed to buy, or even lust after, a new planner unless it has a specific use or purpose in our house. That being said, I actually have two on order and exciting news to be revealed soon! But more on that later.

I usually can’t go more than two weeks without changing something in my Filo setup (or changing planners completely!!) so the fact that I’ve been in my personal Malden for over a month is a mini miracle.


As you can see she’s fat and happy but not overstuffed.


In the front I keep post it’s, Washi tape and pre cut, pre punched purple bits of paper that I use as my weekly to do list. In the zip pocket is just postal stamps to have on hand since I never seem to have them when I need them.






The dividers are traced and hand cut, stamped by me, “laminated” with packing tape and covered with $.88 stickers. Needless to say I’m in the market for some cute dividers but mine serve their purpose and are pink to boot so I can’t complain 😉




I use month on two pages for a general overview and week on two pages for day specific tasks and appointments. I also write what’s planned for dinner in the margins and my bible study pages on the inner corner. The index card has my daily checklist and the purple sheet is my to do list for the week that doesn’t need to be done on a specific day.


For now the “this week” box is used to track my water intake but that will probably go by the wayside and get repurposed once I’m done being pregnant.


In the back I use a cheap little jot type pad as an inbox until I can put whatever is written in the correct section. Today however it contains my grocery list…guess where I went this afternoon lol.


You could say I’m slightly obsessed or even addicted but at least my new found addiction benefits everyone around me so I have yet to see a downside =)


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