Leaving the house


Yes yes you read that correctly. I am doing a post about something as non epic as leaving the house. But really it’s not as simple as all that. Last weekend I had dinner with a friend. I scheduled it a week ahead of time and coordinated with my husband how I was going to get his dinner taken care of and getting the baby ready so I could pick her up straight after work and go meet my friend. Well due to the nature of veterinary medicine (and the apparent unwritten law that if I make plans for after work, no matter how long I leave myself, work is always crazy that day and we end up leaving late) despite my week of planning and coordinating I was still almost late.

That mini fiasco got me thinking about the difference between my husband and I getting ready to go out. When he decides he wants to hang out with friends he makes plans no more than a day in advance and makes sure they don’t clash with any plans I’ve made and boom he’s out the door. I, however, need to make sure everyone is fed, make sure the essentials are in my bag if bug is going with me, make sure I don’t have any other big plans for the day (seriously at 32 weeks pregnant I can only handle so much in one day lol), and motivate myself to actually do my hair and make up before leaving the house. If bug stays at home with the hubby I need to make sure he’s up to speed on her current schedule and habits (I’m usually the primary care taker and PLEASE spare me the feminist schpeal, traditional roles work well in our house) and make sure a diaper bag is packed in case they need to head out while I’m gone.

I asked my husband the other day how he stays organized and keeps on top of things, since I’ve gotten settled nicely into my planner/filofax addiction and was looking for another opinion on the subject. His response was “I don’t need to be organized, that’s why I have you.”

Lol thanks hun.


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