Truthful Tuesday # 1


A mom friend of mine, who I look up to very much and seems to have it all together with her three kids (the oldest of which just turned three) introduced “truthful Tuesday” on Facebook where she posts a confession and other mommies post their confessions bringing to light that they’re not, in fact, perfect. For someone like me, who I’m pretty sure was a 1950’s stepford wife in a previous life, it’s such a load off of my shoulders to have a weekly reminder that we’re all human.

So without further adieu here is my confession for the Pit Bull Mama’s inaugural truthful Tuesday:

I put bug in front of Elmo on the floor with a binky every morning ,even though she’s only 11 months old, so that I have ten minutes to make coffee, feed the dog and make her breakfast bottle without worrying about her fussing or being underfoot.


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