What Are Your Vices?


Someone asked me what I missed while I was pregnant. Aside from my mobility, the one thing I actually miss a lot is alcohol. I know there are studies that say a little is ok but I’ve avoided it anyway. That’s not to say I am a raging alcoholic, or was before having kids, but I enjoy a glass of wine after a difficult day at work and brewery tours. I live in an area that’s known for its craft beer and home grown breweries so it’s a little sad that I’m on my second year booze free. Totally worth it by the by but sad to me lol.

Another vice I gave up (and have absolutely no intention of starting again) is smoking. My husband and I quit when we found out we were expecting our daughter. It’s definitely been much easier for me than him. Luckily I don’t miss it.

During this pregnancy my major vice has been sweets where with my daughter it was peaches (seriously I’d have a meltdown if there were no cold peach dices in the house). I thought this was just a silly pregnancy craving until I got the call that I had failed my one hour glucose tolerance test. Didn’t seem so silly when I started googling gestational diabetes. They scheduled me for the three hour test Friday and that knocked me on my butt for the day. I’ll know the results by next week. Fingers crossed!!

What are your vices? Silly or otherwise?


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