Planner Setup

Let’s get organized part deux or (my favorite type of Filofax posts!!) planner set up. Warning this is really picture heavy. I’m confident in my current set up but knowing me it’ll probably change. It has actually come a long way. When I first started on this slightly bizarre journey I pored over blogs and pictures on Instagram and Philofaxy (<–seriously the best resource ever for all things ring bound planner related!) Everyone had such fabulous ideas that I tried to cram them all into one planner. Needless to say that didn’t work out too well.

For Valentine’s Day my husband (the enabler) bought me a Franklin Covey classic size planner (similar to Filofax A5)


Inside I have an ID, hole punched smash pad pages and a picture of my little booger monster that makes me smile. My dividers are “Calendar” “Bible Study” “Notes” “Goals” and “Other.”


I keep stamps and 5×7 cards behind the zippered pouch and hole reinforcements, coupons and post-it’s inside the zippered pocket.

I use a month per page for a general overview so I know which days I have free.

In this size, week on one page works well with a piece of paper for a to do list in between. On the right I put dinner for the day, on the left I put the page in my Bible to read to that day and on the very bottom of the page I keep track of my water intake for each day.


Here is a sneak peek of the SOAP method of bible study I utilize. It’s similar to how medical records are written so I took to it well.

Next is notes that are worth keeping or not suitable for the weekly to do list. Once it’s no longer necessary it gets checked off and crossed off with a single line-through (also comes from writing on medical records).

For now my goals section just contains the 365/30 list since I’m still looking for inspiration for a set up.


I meal plan and write my recurring daily to do list on the 5×7 card and put the grocery list on the back. After I go shopping I tape the list shut to take up less room.

Any questions?


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