Let’s Get Organized!


So my version of nesting is getting organized rather than cleaning my house top to bottom. Pinterest has been helpful in this endeavor. When I was pregnant with my daughter I created a home management binder and actually stuck with it for a while before printing a million pages a week for the daily calendar became unmanageable with a newborn. My boss jokes that I have a “thing” for paperwork and lists and the like. Well, he’s right. I feel much less stressed with a plan instead of a giant to do list. If it looks like there is too much on my plate I shut down and decide to take a nap instead of getting things done. When I plan my day (even loosely), it breaks my stress up into manageable chunks.

As I mentioned before, I tried the whole family/home management binder that is wildly popular on Pinterest. It works as long as I’m at home but I’m not always at home so things would get forgotten and printing the daily pages with a newborn was a pain. For a short time while I was in school I tried to use my iPad for everything, including a calendar that synced with my phone, and it worked fine but I was a little dissatisfied at the inability to physically cross things off when I accomplished them. In middle school I started using planners to keep track of things. Mostly trendy wire bound ones that I would replace yearly, but I’ve also tried zippered and ring bound, like the one pictured above. The one I am currently using is so old that I had to scrub rust off of the rings and I have zero idea when I bought it or even what brand it is, but since I’m on a budget I figured that I would make it work and use it as a prototype while I figured out the direction I wanted to go.

My handwriting is huge, I love taking notes and I write almost everything down to combat pregnant brain so naturally the day per page format appealed to me. It works well with a wire bound planner but that was too plain and not all-inclusive enough for me. The set up didn’t fit in my ring bound cover well so I turned to the internet to see if anyone else had had a similar issue and what they did to resolve it. Oh man oh man! To say that I was shocked/blown away/completely floored by the results would be an understatement! There is a whole online community of closeted organizing weirdos like me that love their planners! This revelation quickly sparked a new obsession. Unfortunately the solution for my day per page set up dilemma was to only carry a few months at a time. That worked for about a week but drove me banana sandwich because I like to carry a whole year with me. Also once I settle on my set up, I prefer minimal fussing with it and minimal swapping out. So I settled on the week on two pages format with a separate notes section and am currently tweaking that to my liking. The good news is I’m getting close to a set up I like, thanks to searching things like “Filofax” on Pinterest (follow me @pawprint959) and Instagram, and browsing Philofaxy. The bad news is I’m officially addicted.



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