Resolutions Update


Absolutely everyone in my house minus the dog has been sick so I’ll keep this short and sweet. We’re now a full month and some change into the new year and I took stock of how I’ve been doing with my goals and resolutions. Here’s the consensus:


1) Bi weekly meal planning. So far that’s been a success. I sit down and meal plan for two weeks including pizza night and create a grocery list from my plan. I assign days for meals and leftovers and keep a list of the meals I’ve decided on so that I can switch meals around if need be. Our food budget has gone way down since starting this as has the amount of leftover food wasted.

2) Bible Study. Success…sort of. I am managing to keep up with reading a few pages each night as a way to unwind after the baby goes to sleep, however, I have a list of passages that I have yet to analyze more in depth (I use the S.O.A.P. method but more on that later) so there is definitely room for improvement.

3) Get organized. Overwhelming success! This includes a new addiction (that’s perfectly healthy!!) that I will be posting about next week. It’s gonna be good and I’m weirdly excited about it =)

4) Weekly blog. Success.

5) See the positive. This is always a work in progress but I think it’s going well.


How is everyone doing with their New Years resolutions?


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