All or Nothing


Looking at me you would never guess that I have quite a few tattoos, some of them quite large and detailed. When I am eventually not pregnant I would like to get even more. Not just an addition to my family tattoo on my wrist, I’ve been contemplating an entire sleeve. In the process of researching what I would like, I found that many of the women with full sleeves have other body modifications and more extreme tattoos such as gauged ears, neck and hand tattoos, and facial piercings and the like. There is ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong with that, but I was having trouble finding the overall look I was going for, namely suburban housewife looking woman who happen to be moderately to heavily tattooed without being rockabilly or otherwise modified. This got me thinking about the whole concept. Why does it have to be all one or the other extreme but no in between?


This ridiculousness can be applied to parenting styles as well. If you’ve been a mom more than 15 seconds you know that parenting advice can be highly polarizing. Absolutely everyone has an opinion about everything and you’re probably doing it all wrong. In regards to giving birth, eating sushi while pregnant, working while you’re pregnant and after, co sleeping, cry-it-out, attachment parenting, circumcision, sleep training, schedules, and cloth versus disposable diapers there is only one true way and you are Satan. Don’t even get me started with the whole breastfeeding mess. That is why I usually will not touch the subject with a ten foot pole, however, this needs to be said:




Mommy guilt is running rampant these days (or I’m just noticing it more now that its relevant to me) and it’s an inconvenience to absolutely everyone. I’ll let you in on a little secret that I’ve learned. Parenting is hard. There, I said it. What new moms need is to be told that they’re doing a good job. What they’re doing is best for their family and just because they’re not following the latest baby book trend to the letter doesn’t mean that they’re a bad parent. Parenting is customizable!!! I can be a tattooed classy housewife, you can wear your baby and use disposable diapers. Go crazy!



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