Oh Pinterest…..



Let me be the first to tell you that I am neither creative nor artistic. When I discovered pinterest I got really excited because it gave me motivation for all kinds of projects that I don’t have time for. But also, it helped me get ideas for how I wanted to improve my house and my wardrobe and ideas for the babies so I guess it’s not all bad.


So why another pinterest post in the sea of mommy blogs either loving or hating on pinterest posts? I made dinner from a pin that I posted on my recipes board and for the second time in the 12 years I’ve known my husband, he didn’t like what i cooked!! It’s really not a huge deal (I had a back up plan) but it brought me back down to reality and made me remember that not everything on the internet results in kittens and sunshine even when some other random pinner swears up and down it’s the best they’ve ever made. It got me thinking about the expectations it puts on moms now days. I started looking up pins for my daughters first birthday party and got overwhelmed by all of it. I am not that motivated to spend that kind of time or money on a party just for the pictures. That’s not to say I don’t love my daughter but we’ve decided to make it a family affair with a store bought cake and some balloons that she will have just as much fun with as a room full of people she won’t remember were even there in a week. This also ties into this need to be perfect wife/ mom/ homemaker and all around bad ass while dressed impeccably with perfect make up but I’ll touch on that later.


I do not hate the website, hell I even have a whole board dedicated to pins that i have tried and work! I’ll call it a love/hate relationship and call it a day.


Sorry, not all of my posts are meant to be epic and profound…maybe next time 😉


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